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3 Tips for Effective SEO When Launching a Website

Launching a website is usually a simple process. There are a few important steps that are easy to overlook and could cost you your search engine rankings. Good SEO ensures that people who are searching for your brand will be able to find your website. Here are three tips to preserve your search engine rankings with a new website.


Redirect: If your URLs aren’t changing, then you can disregard this step. If your URLs are changing, you have to inform search engines where old URLs should lead to on the new website. It’s important to set up a 301 redirect to old URLs as soon as possible after launch.


Tip: To make sure you’ve covered all URL redirects, use a spreadsheet to list all links from your old website, and match them with new URLs. If there isn’t a relevant page to redirect to, redirect to the home page.


Reoptimize: A sitemap and robots.txt file will make internet crawlers love your website. A sitemap gives crawlers insight into how your site is structured. You should submit your sitemap to major search engines and have a link to it in the footer of your website. A robots.txt file tells crawlers which pages you want crawled and indexed in search results. This file should be kept on your server.


Tip: Internet crawlers also like fast websites! Check your website speed using Google PageSpeed Insights.


Rewrite: Good meta titles and meta descriptions can have a significant impact on your search engine rankings. Although Google says meta titles and meta descriptions don’t impact SEO, they can influence users to click on your link, and the more clicks you receive and the more users that are spending time on your website, the better your rankings. Meta titles should be under 55 characters and meta descriptions should be under 160 characters.


Tip: Make sure your image alt tags contain descriptions and relevant keywords, too. But be careful – Google says they penalize people who “keyword load” their websites and images.

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Melissa Mistero
Melissa Mistero

Melissa is a Digital Project Manager at JStokes Agency, laying the groundwork for stunning digital campaigns and websites. Outside her 9-5, she’s a wannabe coffee specialist who loves dogs, sunshine, and a good book.

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