5 Reasons to Adopt Marketing Automation

Marketing automation has recently become a hot topic in the marketing world, but what is all the fuss about?

According to the Lead Generation Marketing Effectiveness Study, 63% of companies that are surpassing their competition are using marketing automation technologies.

Take a look at what we believe to be the top five benefits of adopting this lucrative digital strategy:

1) More effective targeting

The ability for marketing automation tools to identify and focus in on your customer segments is what separates it from traditional email campaigns. We are now able to send personalized messages to the right people at the right time by getting access to customer activity data at the moment it occurs.

2) Better quality leads

Companies that utilize marketing automation see drastic increases in not only the number of leads they receive, but also lead conversions. New targeting techniques enable prospects to be scored based on activity and interest level and classified by browsing behaviors and purchases.

3) Increased marketing productivity

Marketing automation eliminates the manual, repetitive tasks that were previously involved with digital campaign management. Current tools on the market, such as Act-on, Marketo, and Hubspot, can be used to automatically send content when a customer or prospect performs an action like viewing a web page or making a search on your site.

4) Highly informative data and analytics

What email send times are best for optimizing customer engagement?
What type of content do customers prefer? (i.e., videos, blogs, social media, e-books)
What message topics are users showing the most interest in?

These are the questions that marketing automation tools strive to answer to help enhance your digital communication, increase customer acquisition and improve future campaigns.

5) Improved customer retention

By touching existing customers with content tailored to their specific interests, buying habits, and preferences, we can create a more inviting, personalized experience that instills brand loyalty and increases the likelihood of future business.

While many are still skeptical about the value of marketing automation, more companies are starting to recognize it as an essential part of a successful digital marketing plan.

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Hannah Maschwitz
Hannah Maschwitz

Hannah is the Digital Project Coordinator at JStokes Agency and a lover of new technologies, marketing strategies, and creative endeavors. She is also a self-proclaimed homemade ice cream and pizza expert and dedicated foodie.

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