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Advertising in the Now

In today’s advertising realm of constant messaging and clutter, brands have a continuous challenge to stay relevant among their target audiences. Social media has played an integral role in supporting relevancy. Twitter and Facebook trend streams are a great source for brands to newsjack and advertise through “right now” conversations. Newsjacking or real-time advertising is a fairly new method where brands use trending topics and events to their advantage and use them to reach customers immediately with a message that’s relevant to them right now.

The method of real-time advertising is not to increase immediate purchase, but to keep brands relevant and their consideration high for future purchase decisions. Consumers appreciate and remember when a brand takes the time to be relatable. Oreo for example is often dubbed as the Father of Real-Time Advertising. During the 2013 Super Bowl, the most expensive advertising event in the United States, Oreo took advantage of the half-hour blackout in the third quarter with a tweet.


The tweet immediately cut through the Twittersphere and its timely presence made the ad unique to the conversation.

Real-time advertising on social media hyper-focuses consumer targeting and ensures immediate reach through clutter. An active voice online should strive to be relevant and timely. The challenge is to keep an eye on the day’s trending discussions or memes and to be appropriately creative—before you miss the window of opportunity. Check out some of our favorite real-time ads:


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Raffi Apelian
Raffi Apelian

Studied Advertising at San Jose State University. He is currently a Social Media Manager and Copywriter at JStokes Agency.

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