Are you an Advertising Avenger?

In an agency, teamwork is key. With wide arrays of personalities and strengths, your team is a ragtag group of heroes in the advertising world or Advengers if you will. There’s a thing or two that we can learn from Marvel’s Avengers. Which hero are you?


Captain America – Agency Principal


As the brave, selfless soldier of the agency you’re often the face everyone associates with the great work that you do. You have the unshakable desire to strive to do better work campaign after campaign. Although you’re the team leader, you don’t let this power go to your head. Instead you use your position to rally your workers and boost moral. The greatest strength an agency principal can have is integrity.


Iron Man – Creative Director


You’re a big culture enthusiast and the one with the crafty ideas. Your genius is only rivaled by your ego and your sarcasm. You have a lot of experience under your belt and you are battle-tested. You’ve teamed up with copywriters and art directors to achieve creative gold. Staying humble is key! The pressure to always produce award-winning work is a tough burden to bare but you have the skills, tools, resources, and an innovative mind to get the job done.


Hawkeye – Account Management


You have the eye to plan and prepare for your client’s needs. Whether you are an account coordinator, executive, supervisor or group director your ability to lead and be an important team player is invaluable. The power to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of marketing means you’ve learned to improvise and solve problems quickly. Skilled with razor sharp strategy, you hit your goals with bullseye precision. But let’s not forget the client management abilities. Having a great, charming personality makes your client relationships even stronger.


Black Widow – Media


High stakes and sometimes messy, you’re an assassin with an unprecedented skill to pull the trigger on a media plan at any given moment. You trust your gut and surprise the client and your team at how resourceful you can be with the smallest of budgets. Every challenge teaches you new skills and tricks no matter the outcome. Everyone knows you kick-ass and they respect you for it.


The Hulk – Accounting


You’re a beast with numbers. Everyone sees your calm and collected demeanor on the outside, but inside you have an uncontrollable anger for those who don’t turn in their timesheets for payroll. The truth is, people are scared of you and your immense knowledge of budgets and spreadsheets, and because you can do your tax returns on your own. Your secret weapon is going green. Excel. That green X unleashes your powers. No one can handle the green like you can. Agencies are grateful to have such a limitless strength on their team.


Thor – Digital


Clients and fellow agency mates look up to the digital team like gods from another world! As advertising in the digital realm has expanded rapidly over the past couple years, it has been the responsibility of the digital department to oversee the land of websites, social media, and email campaigns. Through the swift blow of your hammer you build something out of nothing—from coding to creating. People may find your brainpower intimidating but once they get to know you, they see you’re a super chill person.

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Raffi Apelian
Raffi Apelian

Studied Advertising at San Jose State University. He is currently a Social Media Manager and Copywriter at JStokes Agency.

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