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Maximizing Your Social Media Marketing: It’s More Than Just Puppy and Kitten Pictures

Commercial, Franchise, Legal, Real Estate

From startups to Fortune 100 companies, everyone is using social media these days as part of their overall marketing strategy. For active monthly users, Facebook reported 2.19 billion users, Twitter reported 336 million users, LinkedIn reported 250 million users and Instagram reported 800 million users. But are you maximizing your social media channels? Posting content […]



What Are Your “BIO” Metrics? Keys to Writing an Effective Attorney Bio


We’ve all heard it: Websites need to be ever more responsive in order to meet the shift in users doing their research on mobile devices. But there’s more to creating a responsive website than ensuring that content is structured for easy mobile access. In particular, is the content on your website that users are coming […]



5 Questions to Ask Your Website

Commercial, Franchise, Legal, Real Estate

Yes, this is a blog post about updating your website from a company that, amongst other things, updates websites. No, we are not going to try to scare you into updating your website by telling you that your current site is such a mess that you’re basically paying consumers to go to your competitors. You […]



Discounting Done Right


When it comes to building your business, discounting can be a Faustian bargain: an immediate benefit that winds up costing you. A lot. That’s not to say discounting is a bad idea. But like any idea, it depends on doing it the right way, at the right time, for the right reasons. Over the years, […]



Why Spend Marketing Dollars When the Market is Hot?

Real Estate

The Bay Area has the distinction of being home to the top three real estate markets in the nation:  San Jose, Vallejo and San Francisco1—in that order.  All predictions for 2018 indicate that the seller’s market will continue, limited only by affordability and inventory.  So the question arises: why spend money on marketing when homes […]