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How to Jump-Start Your Social Media Content

Whether your business is new to social media or you’re looking for a serious content revamp, content strategy on social media is key to keeping posts relevant to your brand.

We’ve developed a simple and effective way to maintain consistency, audience appeal, and structure to social media management. A brand on social media should focus on key categories to create a social media calendar.

  • Your Product
  • Your Culture
  • Customer/Fan Engagement

For example, let’s say you represent a Mexican restaurant. Using the over-arching categories of product, culture, and engagement you can create daily themed messaging throughout the week. You can even add a hashtag for Instagram.

Monday – #MexMonday. Curate content from the world of Mexican cuisine culture. Live your brand by sharing funny images, jokes, quotes, or sayings.

Tuesday – #TacoTuesday. We suggest a food feature post three times a week. As you are a restaurant, food is the best content on social media. Talk about your menu, special, sides, desserts, drinks…etc.

Wednesday – Brand feature. Talk about yourself! If you have a mascot, give him a day on social media.

Thursday – Your second food feature.

Friday – Friday Fan engagement! These posts do exactly that. Engage your current fans. This could be in the form of polls, contents, giveaways, questions, and sharing customer’s photos of your product. (Don’t forget to give them photo credit!)

Saturday – Your third food feature

Sunday – Community feature. Your restaurant is a part of a community. Post content relevant to your immediate neighbors (catering events, community events).

If you have a great idea, make up your own themed day. It’s a good idea to check Instagram or Twitter for hashtags that are already being used. If the tag is vague enough, jumping into the conversation will give you a boost in reach.

Once you pick your daily themes, the content will be easier to plan and schedule. With a solid foundation and consistent effort, you will see growth and engagement in no time.

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Raffi Apelian
Raffi Apelian

Studied Advertising at San Jose State University. He is currently a Social Media Manager and Copywriter at JStokes Agency.

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