How to Leverage Your Amenities to Differentiate Your Master-Planned Community

How to Leverage Your Amenities to Differentiate Your Master-Planned Community

Master planned communities are offering more and more amenities for homebuyers, from hiking and biking trails to clubhouses and in-community schools. In today’s competitive real estate market, it’s no longer enough to just list “hiking and biking trails,” especially when other master-planned communities are including these amenities, too. To differentiate your community, leverage your amenities in your marketing and branding to create your community’s story.

Your marketing materials should focus on benefit-oriented messages and stories that help homebuyers imagine what their life will be like if they purchase a home in your community. For example:

Instead of listing green spaces and parks as amenities, talk about the opportunities for recreation, community gatherings, and running, hiking, and other healthy outdoor activities.

Do you have different home types and lots available for sale? Craft a story around the endless choices to create a custom living space. Or how the diverse homes and lot prices will create a diverse community brimming with residents from all stages of life.

Will your homes be Energy Star rated or built to meet a green builder program? Use these features to describe your commitment to providing healthy living spaces.

Unique stories about your amenities will help your master-planned community stand out from the rest.

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Melissa Mistero

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