Marketing Automation: Challenges and Solutions

Now that you know the advantages of using marketing automation tools in your business, what are some of the challenges, and how do you overcome them? Before becoming an early adopter, make sure you know what you are getting into and how to prepare your team for future obstacles.

Here are some things to keep in mind prior to taking the leap into marketing automation:

1) Be ready to invest in high-quality content.

There is no doubt that producing engaging content that your target market will connect with takes work. In order for your marketing automation campaign to be effective, you will need good content, and lots of it. Create different messages based on interest and intended audience (e.g., lead, previous customer, existing client). Google Analytics can be a huge help in evaluating the success of your content and revealing where improvements need to be made.

2) Marketing automation can be expensive.

The hefty price tag on some marketing automation software may leave you with serious sticker shock. It is true that integrating marketing automation into your business can be costly upfront. During ramp-up time, it may be difficult to foresee the benefits that the strategy will provide. However, a Focus Research study shows that 75% of businesses experience an increased ROI by the 12-month mark, 44% within six months.

3) It takes time to learn how to use the tools.

Although marketing automation software is rapidly changing, it is still fairly complex and can involve a steep learning curve. Marketing automation software providers typically offer several training sessions and continuing learning opportunities. Take advantage of these to get the most bang for your buck! Here is a great article you can use as a starting point to identify the right tool for your company.

We understand that new technologies can be scary and the initial investment daunting, but getting results from marketing automation boils down to three things: quality content, efficient use of your tools, and the right attitude.

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Hannah Maschwitz
Hannah Maschwitz

Hannah is the Digital Project Coordinator at JStokes Agency and a lover of new technologies, marketing strategies, and creative endeavors. She is also a self-proclaimed homemade ice cream and pizza expert and dedicated foodie.

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