Driving Customer Growth Through Differentiation & Consistency


Bay Alarm is a family-owned, locally-operated company focused exclusively on security and delivering a high-value customer experience. Competing in a category traditionally dominated by a single national player, countless regional firms and local “mom and pop” companies, the market has seen a considerable shift over the last seven years with the entry of cable and telecommunication companies.


In a world where the competition tries to scare people and give products away for the short term through discounts, free equipment and service bundles, we saw an opportunity for Bay Alarm to stand out by simply staying true to the brand: Bay Alarm is the local security expert; protecting what you care about is all they do. They understand security from every angle — including how crooks think and how they’re most likely to strike.


During our 25-year relationship, we have helped Bay Alarm become the largest independently-owned security company in the United States, expanding from five branch locations to 16 in five major markets in California and Arizona.

Jstokes has become a virtual in-house partner. They know our strengths, our core values, what we do really well – and the only way they got that is through hard work and dedication to our success not only today, but for years to come.

– Eric Taylor
VP Sales & Marketing, Bay Alarm Company
20+ Years Working with JStokes