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When It’s Time For A Change


SpeeDee Oil Change & Auto Service, a nationally franchised automotive service company, faces several significant business challenges: stiff price-based competition from national quick lube chains, dealerships and neighborhood shops; extended drive time between oil changes due to improved automotive technology; and consumer confusion about its full breadth of services. They just do oil changes, right?


SpeeDee does more than oil changes – A LOT MORE – so we went straight at that misperception, highlighting all the things we CAN do, by shining a light on all the ridiculous things we CAN’T do. Anyone can change your oil; at SpeeDee we’re out to change your expectations.


Since the You’ll Love What We Can Do. campaign rolled out nationally and extended to all consumer touchpoints in 2015, car counts and sales have increased in a category that has seen a steady decline in both KPIs.