What Are Your “BIO” Metrics? Keys to Writing an Effective Attorney Bio


We’ve all heard it: Websites need to be ever more responsive in order to meet the shift in users doing their research on mobile devices. But there’s more to creating a responsive website than ensuring that content is structured for easy mobile access. In particular, is the content on your website that users are coming […]



5 Questions to Ask Your Website

Commercial, Franchise, Legal, Real Estate

Yes, this is a blog post about updating your website from a company that, amongst other things, updates websites. No, we are not going to try to scare you into updating your website by telling you that your current site is such a mess that you’re basically paying consumers to go to your competitors. You […]



Attorney Photography Trends – Tips and Best Practices


Attorney bio pages are the most frequently visited pages on most law firm websites, so how you showcase and organize those profiles is critical. A key component of that profile is the attorney’s photo. Attorney photography is often viewed as a discrete assignment, one that’s time consuming and often difficult to manage.