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Positioning Your Brand
For Competitive Advantage

Brand Strategy

Differentiation is harder and harder to come by. But those companies who choose to take better control of their destinies by developing a solid brand strategy are in a better position to seize competitive advantage. So, following a process that helps you determine and understand why your company and its products are a better choice than your competitors is essential to your success.

We help our clients uncover their competitive advantage, their “true north” and then set a course for their expression.

Here are the steps that we follow:

  • Target Audience Research, Profiling and Persona Development
  • Market and Competitor Analysis
  • Brand Positioning Assessment
  • Brand Positioning Workshop Design and Facilitation
  • Communications Strategy Creation
  • Brand Identity and Brand Standards Development
  • Content Strategy Creation and Execution

A successful brand strategy is one that maintains its focus, however the audiences on which it is focused are subject to change. Disruption, changing economics and attitudes can appear seemingly without notice. And while your purpose may not have changed, or it indeed may have to, you may find the need to rethink your expression. Brand repositioning can often be more powerful and rewarding than it was when you started. A brand refresh can showcase your experience and innovation in a new light, just right for now and what’s next.

Whether you’re starting anew or answering a new marketing challenge, you can put the power of brand positioning to work for your company and your people.