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Lafferty Communities

Where Lives Take Shape


After the 2007 recession and the resulting downturn in the home market a lot of home builders struggled with how to brand themselves as the market began to tick back upward. Lafferty Communities also had to deal with the fact that they have several communities that they are actively selling at any one time. How do you brand those communities in relation to their builder’s brand?


We decided to give more prominence to the individual communities than most builders do. We designed and built a new website and created an integrated marketing system that allowed us to highlight what makes these individual communities unique and appealing while creating a connective tissue to the Lafferty brand to increase brand affinity.


Strong website analytics and interest in individual communities has allowed Lafferty to take advantage of a hot and competitive market. With several active communities and more on the way, this community-first strategy continues and will continue to drive differentiation between competitive projects.