Local Retail Marketing: Increasing Customer Engagement Through Sponsorships


There is one very important engagement that each retailer or franchisee needs in order to be successful over the long term…and it’s not product-focused or involves online delivery. It is…community relations. When people do good things, others notice Whether you are a stand-alone establishment or part of a large chain, you should include community relations […]



Local Retail Marketing: Restaurant Menu Customizations to Increase Visits and Revenue


In an overcrowded market of restaurants (and other prepared food options), everyone is competing for the same pool of customers. There are two traffic generating tactics that work particularly well in local markets: Price Promotions and New Product News Price Promotions can work like a charm if used judiciously as part of a retail marketing […]



Local Retail Marketing: Advanced Targeting with Over the Top TV (OTT)


When most retailers think of advertising on TV, the first thing that comes to mind is… cha-ching… that it’s expensive. With over-the-top TV (OTT), it doesn’t have to be. Wait… but what is OTT? Over-the-top TV or OTT delivers content and TV programs via an internet connection through apps like Hulu, YouTube, Disney+, Netflix, and […]



Local Retail Marketing: How to Get Franchisee Buy-In?


Franchisees always support and agree with every Franchisor initiative…said no one ever. This is a common theme of retail marketing and promotions in the franchise world and an important one to address because franchisee participation is vital to the success of not only launching a new initiative, but also to the brand in general. So […]



How to Win at Local Marketing


Whether you’re a single store owner, multiunit owner or part of a larger franchise, there are a few best marketing practices that almost always ensure success. Have A Plan The first is to establish a goal. Then create a plan to achieve it. You need a plan with specific benchmark goals to succeed. #localmarketplanning It’s [...]



Why Local Marketing Needs To Be A Priority


Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand the appeal, and ultimately necessity, of having national marketing programs. Better rates on media buys, efficiencies in production, a unified look and feel. And I’m not saying you should get rid of any of those benefits, but they can be complemented to great effect with a well-thought out […]