The Yes’s and No’s of Gen Z in QSRs


As a “supposedly” entitled, self-centered Millennial I’m having a hard time writing this article. It’s not easy to admit that someone else is deserving of other people’s attention and efforts. But I guess that’s the maturity that comes with no longer being the most sought-after generation in terms of future purchasing power. And not just […]



Franchisees Going Rogue: Marketing Edition


Stop me if this sounds familiar. New franchisees come into your system and they can’t believe that everything is so great. They couldn’t be happier or more thankful for your knowledge and helpfulness in setting them up on the right path. But then something changes. They spend a few years benefitting from that system and […]



The Key Ingredients To Attain New Franchise Customers And New Locations


Major restaurant chains periodically adjust their branding in order to respond to changes in the marketplace. Whether driven by a loss of relevance, a shift in product mix or focus, increased competition or declining sales and traffic, the repositioning or refreshing of a restaurant brand comes in all shapes and sizes. One of the more […]



Discounting May Generate Traffic But Where’s The Beef (Profit)?


In a world where discounting is the dominant tactic in the battle for traffic, don’t forget your high margin products to generate much needed profit to help balance out profit lost by dealing. We all know that the masses are attracted to deals like moths to light. It’s true, a percentage of consumers go where […]