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Pizza Factory

Powered By Awesome


In 2013, Pizza Factory had a tired, 33 year-old brand and a fragmented structure to their 100+ unit franchise. But with a new CEO in place the culture changed and modernizing and growing the brand became the primary focus. First thing was first though, they needed a partner with deep industry experience to help them figure out how to do it.


When we were brought on board we knew that a lot of ground work was needed before this company was ready to grow. We started by defining the brand essence and refreshing the entire brand; everything from the logo to the take-out boxes. Once the new brand was established we helped create future-focused systems (a new website and an online franchisee marketing portal) and cohesive marketing programs (social media, digital advertising and a new brand campaign, Powered by Awesome).


After getting the refreshed brand integrated across the franchise, Pizza Factory started showing tremendous sales growth in a tough time for casual restaurants. And with a solid marketing foundation in place they are positioned to take the next step and really expand their presence.